American Pi Hackspace Tour, part the second

Rob Bishop, our developer-evangelist, spent some of last summer visiting US hackspaces, giving Raspberry Pi talks and demonstrations. Because there was only a short time we could spare him for, there were large parts of the country that he wasn’t able to visit – and you let us know you weren’t happy about that.

So this summer, Rob is going to be visiting the parts of the USA that you shouted most loudly from: namely the Midwest and the Pacific Northwest. He’s put together a preliminary map, showing a proposed route (not yet set in stone) and the locations of hackspaces across the country. Click this image to visit the interactive map. The green line is Rob’s route, and green pins are proposed stops: blue blobs are hackspaces.

Click the map to visit a larger version

Rob will be in-country from around 5th-25th August; we’ll confirm dates later when we’ve drilled the route down a bit more. If you live somewhere on or close to this proposed route, and you’d like a visit at your hackspace or makespace, please leave a comment and we’ll see what we can do.

Rob will not be able to visit grade schools, but he may decide to fit in some university visits. Once he’s got feedback from you in the comments, he’ll confirm dates with the individual venues.

Like last year’s Raspberry Roadtrip, these events will consist of a talk, Q&A, live demos and (hopefully) some kind of competition for best Raspberry Pi hack.

And if you’re somewhere we haven’t covered yet, don’t despair: Eben and I are also planning a smaller hackspace tour, after last year’s romp through NYC, DC, the Carolinas, Georgia and Florida. It’ll take in some more of the southern states and send us up through Texas in September, after Linuxcon in New Orleans (where Eben is keynoting). We’ll have more details nearer the time.