American Pi: details of the Raspberry Pi hackspace tour

Rob Bishop, our tech evangelist, developer and all-round good egg, has been finalising his itinerary for the first Raspberry Pi Hackspace Tour (previously discussed here). Here’s his updated schedule:

18th September – Make.SI (Staten Island, NY) – Evening event, starts at 7pm – Sign-up
19th September – NYResistor (Brooklyn, NY) – Evening event, starts at 6pm – Sign-up
21st September – MakerBar (Hoboken, NJ) – Afternoon event – Sign-up (3pm), Sign-up (7pm)
22nd September – HackManhattan (NYC, NY) – All day event – Sign-up (10am / 2pm)
23rd September – Alpha One Labs (Brooklyn, NY) – All day event – Sign-up (12am / 3pm)
24th September – Hive76 (Philadelphia, PA) – Evening event, starts at 7pm – Sign-up
26th September – HacDC (Washington DC) – Evening event, starts at 7:30pm – Details
29th September – Noisebridge (San Francisco, CA) – All day event – Details
30th September – Hacker Dojo (Mountain View, CA) – Afternoon event, starts at 1pm – Details
1st October – Stanford SVI (Stanford, CA) – Evening event, starts at 7pm – Sign-up
2nd October – Nullspace Labs (LA, CA) – Evening event, starts at 7pm
3rd October – 23b Shop (Fullerton, CA) – Evening event, starts at 7pm
4th October – Crash Space (Culver City, CA) – Evening event – Details
6th October – ATX Hackspace (Austin, Texas) – Evening event, starts at 6pm – Details

You can see all this data as a Google map – which I’m not embedding properly, because a bunch of you complained that it crashed your browsers last time. (Stop using IE and move to a proper browser.) Here’s a screengrab of the map, which you can click on to visit the map itself.

Hackspace tour map

Hackspace tour map. Click to view.

Special Guests

NYResistor Adafruit Industries: our good friends from Adafruit will be on hand to join in the Pi hacking and will be giving away this giant Raspberry Pi-looking back pack filled with awesome electronics and more. (They’re adding a new desirable thingy to the back pack every day, so it’s worth checking the link frequently.)

NoisebridgeOracle: The JavaFX engineering team will be coming along to demonstrate Java and JavaFX running on the Raspberry Pi

Follow Rob on Twitter

Twitter Feed: @Rob_Bishop
Hashtag: #AmericanPi


Plan a project, discuss meeting up, organise shared lifts and talk about the tour in our forums. Rob will also be answering questions in the comments section below this post.


We’ve been kindly donated 20 Pibows to give away for the best project at each event (thanks Pimoroni!) and we’ll be giving out highly sought-after Raspberry Pi stickers for anyone who has something to show! (If you’re extra-nice, Rob might give out stickers even if you don’t have something to show. He’s malleable that way.)


We’ve tried desperately hard to work a way to sell Raspberry Pis at the events, but sadly US state sales tax restrictions mean have made this incredibly difficult to arrange across four states, especially for an outfit like ours with no US presence. We’re all super-annoyed by this (especially Rob, who had visions of trekking across the US with only a gargantuan rucksack of Pis and Mountain Dew to sustain him – the big weirdo). We’re looking at handing out discount codes at the events – I’ll be confirming this later if we can sort it out.

If you have a Raspberry Pi already, bring it along!

Future Tours

Plans are underway for a US return covering the Midwest and other areas. We’ve already discussed visiting Boston, Chicago, Vancouver, Portland and Baltimore, but these locations aren’t set in stone yet. We know that a lot of you want Rob to visit your area on a later tour, so if you’d like to see him, please leave a comment below.

We’re also going to be doing the same thing in the UK: if you’re a member of a British Hackspace and would like us to drop by, please let us know in the comments section.

Europe and the rest of the world will be coming soon! We wish Rob the very best of British luck with the inevitable jetlag. Please be nice to him.