Adieu to the database errors!

Because Pete Stevens at Mythic Beasts is brilliant, the period the site was down for while he moved our database and web servers lasted for under 5 minutes (and in the time between his bringing everything back up, dialling my phone number and my picking up, we had 30k hits, which graphically illustrates our need for the move…)

We think everything is working smoothly now, and all the functionality with commenting and posting on the forums should be there. If you see anything peculiar, please leave a comment here or email us using the contact page (link at top of page).

Liz again, 15:34h. Because so many of you were asking for details here and on Twitter about what our server setup is, Pete’s just mailed me this:

Thanks for the nice comments. Since they’re all going to ask, feel free to post on my behalf,

The new box is dedicated to There’s a fairly quick six disk RAID10 array with battery backed cache and enough RAM to cache everything on disk without really running short. Some server porn from /proc

# cat /proc/meminfo  | head -1
MemTotal:       99202196 kB

# pvscan
PV /dev/sda5   VG mainvg   lvm2 [4.05 TiB / 3.95 TiB free]

# cat /proc/cpuinfo | grep processor | wc
8      24     112

# w
15:12:37 up 17:08, 10 users,  load average: 1.39, 1.09, 0.86

Whilst the box doesn’t have that much CPU, everything should be served direct from memory so we should be able to keep those CPUs nice and busy. I have a plan to add lots of quad core web processing boxes on the front if it turns out to be necessary.

Now being the generous lot you are you’re probably about to hang me for incorrectly configuring the kitten morphing plugin for wordpress that I didn’t know about, and the few minutes where we probably threw comments away while I did the db dump/restore. Flame on…


It’s almost as if he’s read the comments section here before…but as far as we are aware, all kittens are being morphed correctly.