Add your Raspberry Pi to the Rastrack map

Ryan Walmsley, a UK school student who is waiting impatiently for his own Raspberry Pi, has been collecting data from those who have already received theirs to create a map showing what the worldwide distribution of Raspberry Pis looks like at the moment. We’d love it if those of you who are already Raspberry Pi owners could fill in their location on Ryan’s Rastrack map (you can anonymise your name and other details) – we’re just as interested to see what the results will look like as you are!

Screengrab of the Rastrack map at 17:30 BST, May 22 - click to go to the real thing.

The map’s only been up for a day, and hasn’t been widely publicised, so it’s not very complete yet – we know there are at least 20,000 out there, with another several hundred thousand still on order. Currently, the northernmost Raspi on the map is in the far north of Norway, and the southernmost is in New Zealand. There’s one in Saudi Arabia, which surprised and pleased us, and we’re noticing that the UK is very heavily represented.

Thanks very much for working on this, Ryan; we’re finding it fascinating. And if you’re lucky enough to have received a Raspberry Pi yourself – go and fill your details in!