Add to our demo table!

We’re still settling into the new offices (we’re using Gordon’s phone as a wireless hotspot until the BT guy turns up later this week; we still don’t have a bin, cupboard, coat rack, bookshelf or a coffee machine; glass walls need to be erected; and we really need some whiteboards). One thing we want to set up in here is a demo table: we want some cool Pi stuff that we can take to schools and workshops, show journalists and distract Rob with.

As you can see, we’re not doing very well so far. This is Clive’s (formerly tidy) desk – the jelly baby has dried out, and I’m not sure there’s much we can do to impress kids with a multimeter.

Our table of crap. Please help us make it better. No, we’re not taking the bottle to schools with us.

Have you made something you think we’d like to use in workshops? Do you sell something Pi-related that you’d like to see get a bit more publicity? We’ll consider anything from home-made cases to garden sprinkler devices. Mail [email protected] if you want to send us something, and he’ll hook you up.

Bonus ball
The stickers on the Maker’s Notebook (I love those things) represent a number. Unfortunately, it’s obscured by bus tickets, space-food Jelly Babies etc. A prize of the little Android chappie, stickers and whatever else I can find knocking about to the first person to tell us the number (and why).

Clive, 19th Feb