Adafruit’s new Raspberry Pi breakout kit: the Pi T-Cobbler

I have a recurring dream where I am ensconced in the Adafruit warehouse, rocking gently to and fro in the semi-darkness and occasionally reaching out to stroke some random electronics. And mewling. Is this normal? Why yes; yes, I think it is.

Adafruit keep on making great stuff for the Raspberry Pi and their latest product is a funky little breakout board called the Pi T-Cobbler.

Pi-T cobbler

The Pi T-Cobbler. T-shaped for clarity of labelling and overall friendliness

It’s based on the original Cobbler but is less compact and, well, T-shaped to make it easier to read the labels. It will break out GPIO, I2C and SPI pins from the Raspberry Pi header onto a solderless breadboard and looks the business if you fancy connecting your Raspberry Pi to the outside world.