A quick Model A show and tell from Adafruit

We sent our friends LadyAda and PT at Adafruit one of the first production sample Model A boards – as well as stocking them at Adafruit when we go to full production, we had a feeling that they might like to try to get in there early with some add-on development work. It’s just arrived in New York, and they’ve taken some video and pictures. We thought you’d like to share.

PT also took some pictures which are a bit better than the wobbly cell phone one we showed you a couple of weeks back:

Model A product sample. Click to embiggen.

Model A, back view. Click to enlarge.

In other news, Eben picked up his IT Pro IT Leader of the Year award yesterday. We refused to follow him back to the station because we thought it was funny.

Updated to add: Pete Wood from DesignSpark, who we also sent a board to, sent me some video of his own about 45 minutes after I’d first published this post. His video is below; he’s also written a post about the Model A with some comparison photos over at DesignSpark.