A nice shiny photo of the rev2 board – and User Guide news

A couple of things today: Eben and Gareth’s Raspberry Pi User Guide is now available in full as a Kindle download from Amazon, and there is a big discount at the moment – it’s only £3.99. The paper version is expected later this month, along with other electronic formats, probably on the 21st.

The user guide is basically a full manual for the Raspberry Pi, and will take you from working out how to plug the thing in to a point where you can write your own software and do your own physical computing (sensors! robots!) with the device; you’ll also find out how to set up your Raspberry Pi as a media centre and much more. (And thank you for the great review, Jim M!)

I’ve also got a high-res picture of the rev2 board with lots of detail from David Siepp at Farnell for you to goggle over. Not much to say here – other than enjoy!

Click to enlarge

I’m going to bunk off for the rest of the day – it’s been a hell of a week.