A map of your Pi

A quick post today: I’m pretty behind on work. (I’ve wasted most of today trying to find a new hotel room in San Francisco that, unlike the one I slept in last night, doesn’t have biting insects. I have now found one, and a wifi connection. And immediately after posting this, I am going to scrub myself vigorously in the shower. It has been a testing 24 hours.)

To keep you busy while I carefully wash everything in my suitcase, here is an excellent interactive image of a Raspberry Pi, created by the EverPi folk in Brazil (let us know your names, guys, so we can credit you properly) with all the components, down to the tiniest resistors, labelled when you hover over with the mouse pointer. Ever wondered what the component marked D2 does? Here’s your chance to find out.

Please excuse me while I go and cry in the bathroom.

Edited to add: Carrie Anne has also sent me this most excellent video of what happens when I’m not in the office to cheer me up. The crates in this video contain one Ben Nuttall, and one Gordon Hollingworth. I thought it might cheer you up too.