3D parametric plotter

This video from Benedek93 is a little slow to get going, but it’s well worth watching all the way through for a really tight demonstration of what you can achieve with OpenGL ES on the Pi. 

Benedek says:

Recently I’ve started going through a tutorial for modern OpenGL programming again (I can recommend it:http://arcsynthesis.org/gltut/ ), and on the way I decided to re-do that function plotter program I have showed off in one of my videos (“OpenGL Shaders and Shadow Maps”).

First I wrote it using the old, fixed-pipeline OpenGL specification so that I could run it on my laptop which didn’t support the newer versions. You can download it here and play with it on a PC: https://bitbucket.org/benedek/simple-…

At the same time I was also messing around with OpenGL on the Raspberry Pi and I was impressed seeing how smoothly you could make it draw simple but pretty 3D graphics. So I started porting that program to the RPi, adding the boilerplate code necessary to set up a GL context on it and changing the graphics code to use modern OpenGL ES.

In the end, the results were just as pretty as in my old shadow-mapping plotter program (except for the shadows), and the RPi was able to draw models smoothly at the same triangle counts as my laptop.

Here’s the download link: https://bitbucket.org/benedek/rpi-sim…