2nd Raspberry Pi US Roadshow is go!

Here’s Rob’s final route and itinerary for his heroic 2nd Raspberry Pi US Roadshow.

We spent weeks trying arrange the route so that it looked like a caffeine molecule– even making Rob take arbitrary day trips to add on the CH3 groups–to no avail.

Rob will present a talk entitled “Raspberry Pi – One Year On” that will cover both the origin story of the Raspberry Pi as well as outlining recent developments. The talk will present technical information about the Raspberry Pi alongside a discussion of the Foundation’s educational aims. Following the presentation, there will be an opportunity for an in-depth Q&A on both educational and technical matters.

Rob would also like to invite anyone who is working on a Raspberry Pi project to come along and share their work with the rest of the group as part of a “Show & Tell” section. No project is too small and if you need a bit of encouragement Rob will be showering gifts down from the skies like Raspberry flavoured ambrosia–well, stickers and stuff. The best project at each event will be rewarded with an official Raspberry Pi t-shirt and the best project of the whole tour will win a huge and super Grand Prize.

So come along to a venue near you, bring your Pi and say ‘Hi’. Rob — we salute you!

P.S. Giz your Airmiles.