Welcome Craig!

Eagle-eyed followers of all things Pi will have noticed that Craig Richardson,¬†Minecraft savant¬†(here’s his free book on teaching with Minecraft, which should be required reading for all teachers – and here are some recipe cards he’s produced to get your kids started) and all-round lovely chap, has been popping up a lot in photos of the office on Twitter recently. Craig’s been hanging out here a lot, not least because he started a full-time role with the education team here at Pi Towers yesterday.

Craig Richardson

When asked what his outside interests were for the purposes of this blog post, Craig had a think and said “Raspberry Pi and Minecraft”.

Craig will be working on resources, outreach, Picademy, and, says Carrie Anne, “all the Minecraft things”. Welcome to Pi Towers, Craig! We’re really pleased you’ve been able to join us.