Jayme Gisbourne’s Porta-Pi

Last Friday night I spotted a tweet with a picture of a Raspberry Pi running on a screen and mini keyboard concealed within a small hinged enclosure: “I christen thee as ‘Porta-Pi’” its officially finished! @Raspberry_Pi pic.twitter.com/UCIqVPoRLR — Jayme Gisbourne (@jaymegisbourne) February 8, 2014 I thought it was great! Then the next morning I spotted... Continue reading

Of Mohawk Guy and Raspberry Pi

The 20% sale on T-shirts ends tonight – and today is the last day for guaranteed Christmas delivery of those shirts outside the UK. Get them while you can – they make for a great Christmas present for your best beloved hacker! (Or yourself…) Here’s a guest post from Rik Goldman, a teacher from Chelsea... Continue reading