Raspberry Pi at Sci Fi London Horizons: video

Eben and I were at the Sci Fi London Horizons event at the British Film Institute on Sunday, talking about the Raspberry Pi to a room full of Spectrum fans who were there to celebrate the Speccy’s 30th birthday. Official Friend of Pi, Andrew Edney, who took the video of Eben’s talk at the BBC... Continue reading

Update from RS Components

I’m just off the plane, and back in Blighty. (It is about 20° C colder than it was in California, and I am not happy.) This was waiting in my inbox when I opened my email, and I suspect you’ll want to share it. The good folks from RS will be answering your questions in the... Continue reading

Tuesday video grab bag

First up, here’s our friend Pete from RS talking about the Raspberry Pi’s potential in education. When he talks about Christmas, Pete is joking, so please don’t spam the comments in horror. Meanwhile, in America, the guys at Adafruit have been busy making add-on boards (they’re calling them “plates”) for the Raspberry Pi. We think... Continue reading

Some fun video from RS

Raspberry Pis have been arriving on doorsteps this morning, and RS Components just sent me this video of last week’s delivery to their distribution centre in Corby. Eben doesn’t usually move this fast without the promise of chocolate cake – it made me grin like an idiot.... Continue reading

Some TV coverage from today

As RS Electronics and element14/Premier Farnell are preparing over the weekend to send out the first boards, we’ve had some more TV coverage which you might enjoy. For some reason, ITN is using Vimeo (why does anyone use Vimeo?), so I’ll link to the article and video on their site rather than embedding it here –... Continue reading

RS availability and purchasing info update

This has just landed in my mailbox from the guys at RS Components, and needs sharing: Hi Liz! I wanted to give you a quick update on some progress we have made with simplifying the international ordering process for Raspberry Pi’s from RS.  This is in addition to the universal worldwide pricing info shared recently,... Continue reading

And breathe…

Well, that was an incredible week. For those of you just joining us, we have entered into licensed manufacture partnerships with two British companies, Premier Farnell and RS Components. They’ll be manufacturing and distributing the devices on our behalf, and handling the distribution of our first batches as they arrive in the country. We continue to make a small... Continue reading