Planes, trains…

Eben and I are off on a work trip to the US tomorrow, so we won’t be posting here, in the forums or on Twitter for the day. Normal service will resume on Friday, provided I can find some decent coffee. Bits of news: it turns out that the very first person to place an... Continue reading

An update for element14/Premier Farnell/Newark customers

A huge thank you to Jenny from element14, who has been answering your questions in the comments section with the patience of a saint. Thanks again, Jenny – we really appreciate it! It’s nearly one in the morning. I’ve just got home from a Parliamentary Forum on ICT teaching in the UK, where Eben was... Continue reading

Some TV coverage from today

As RS Electronics and element14/Premier Farnell are preparing over the weekend to send out the first boards, we’ve had some more TV coverage which you might enjoy. For some reason, ITN is using Vimeo (why does anyone use Vimeo?), so I’ll link to the article and video on their site rather than embedding it here –... Continue reading

Some news in a quiet week

We’re busying ourselves with lots of boring administrative stuff this week while we wait for sign-off on last week’s testing. I am sick of spreadsheets. Our partners hope to begin shipping units to those at the front of the queue around the start of next week – when units start to ship, we’ll reopen the... Continue reading

Testing’s done!

Good news! We just received confirmation that the Raspberry Pi has passed EMC testing without requiring any hardware modifications. As you may know, we’ve had periods booked in a testing chamber at Panasonic’s facility in South Wales for the whole week. Jimmy, Craig and Gareth from Gainspeed, our EMC consultants (with assistance from Phil the EMC lab manager,... Continue reading

Some little bits and bobs of news – and more photos

A post for little bits of news that didn’t really fit in anywhere else. First of all, we’ve added a new page to the bar at the top. It’s a list of trademark rules; we’ve been getting a lot of questions from you about using the words “Raspberry Pi” or the logo on websites, books... Continue reading

An update on CE compliance

Update 23.45pm Mar 30: minor changes to the article to reflect the fact that recent versions of the BeagleBoard-xM appear to have acquired a CE mark. Update, 8.40pm Mar 28: element14 have put out a new update to their FAQ, enlarging on what’s happening with CE compliance. It’s well worth a read – head on... Continue reading

Where have you been, Liz?

Huge apologies for going quiet on you. Eben and I have been on a skiing holiday, but I managed to fall and twist my knee quite badly in the middle of last week. Eben is a sweetheart and curtailed the holiday to take me down the hill to spend a few days in a rented... Continue reading