Kano – Kickstart a Pi kit for beginners

We first met Alex Klein shortly after we’d launched the Raspberry Pi, when he was working for Newsweek and came to visit to write a story about us. Next we’d heard, he’d left Newsweek to start a company with Raspberry Pi at its heart. Today, he and his team have launched their project on Kickstarter.... Continue reading

HDMIPi – a Kickstarter from RasPi.TV

Alex Eames runs RasPi.TV, which we think is probably the best of all the Pi YouTube tutorial channels out there; if you haven’t subscribed already, you should. He dropped by the office last week (it was deeply, deeply weird hearing his voice coming out of an actual human being) to say hi, and to show... Continue reading

Laika: a hardware control platform for the Raspberry Pi

Laika is a modular add-on board for the Raspberry Pi that allows control of motors, switches, lamps, robots and more. There are plenty of great hardware control boards out there for the Raspberry Pi but we especially like this one because of the educational focus.There’s lots more information on what it can do and how... Continue reading

The MagPi Kickstarter

There’s just over a week to go on the MagPi’s Kickstarter. They’ve met their original goal, but they’ve got some stretches to make, and we’d love to see you support them to become even bigger and better in 2013. Regular readers will know that we are big fans of The MagPi, the only magazine in... Continue reading

The MagPi issue 8 is here – support their Kickstarter!

It’s the first of the month again. What better on a cold December evening than settling down on the hearthrug with a paper copy of the MagPi and a glass of mulled wine, and building a Santa-trap with a Raspberry Pi? Our friends at The MagPi do an incredible job. They’re now working on the... Continue reading

Guest blogs and EVE Alpha

>look You are at home: a dark cupboard under the stairs of Raspberry Pi Towers. The screen of an Escom P75 glows faintly, warding off grues. To the east, faint cracks of light define an small, unfamiliar door. >i You have a sonic screwdriver, a half-eaten packet of Spangles and a Bable Fish. >open door,... Continue reading

Picade – the UK’s first Kickstarter project!

I am driven to blog from Starbucks today, thanks to lousy public transport and awkwardly timed meetings. I am amazingly caffeinated. So. Kickstarter finally launched its UK offering today, and the very first project to get approvedĀ (proof of this rather awesome feat is available here at the Kickstarter blog) has a Raspberry Pi at its... Continue reading