David Braben

Happy birthday to us!

Today’s a very special day for us here at Raspberry Pi. It’s the first anniversary of the Pi’s launch day. (It’s as near as we can get; we launched on a leap day last year. We’re going to have a really great party in 2016.) It’s been a crazy, wonderful year, and usually I’d have... Continue reading

Twelve Pis of Christmas: David Braben

David’s choice of charity to benefit from the auction of one of the first 12 pre-production Model A Raspberry Pis (and some other goodies besides) is one that we’re all very pleased to see picked out: it’s the Centre for Computing History. Established to create a permanent public exhibition that tells the story of the... Continue reading

Elite: Dangerous — the next game in the Elite series

…and we could hardly mention Elite without mentioning Elite: Dangerous. Over a quarter of a century after the original, David Braben of Frontier Developments has launched a Kickstarter project to develop Elite: Dangerous, the next game in the Elite series. If funding is successful the game is planned to be released on the PC in... Continue reading

Monday grab bag

I’ve been sent links to a lot of cool stuff the community’s been working on over the weekend. Here are a few items which really tickled me. @Jojoreloaded has ported Frontier, the sequel to Elite (David Braben, who developed both games, is one of the Raspberry Pi Foundation’s trustees), to the Raspberry Pi. Frontier, unlike... Continue reading