Setup git repo, users, permissions

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by jjabba » Tue May 07, 2013 12:38 pm
I have a raspberry pi running raspian with two (full access) users, usera and userb.

Both usera and userb login using ssh and now I want to setup a git remote for them to use for collaboration on a project.

I know how to setup git, that is not my question!

I just want to know how to organize things permission wise on my server.

My rough plan is to:
  1. Add a group called 'git'
  2. Create a directory chowned by that group where I keep the repo, i.e. '/gitrepos/'
  3. Add usera and userb to that group for access.

Is this the prefared way to set up a co-owned folders on a linux (debian) serverbox?
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