Client Access - to As400 (ISeries)

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by darius007 » Sat Nov 03, 2012 10:15 pm
Hi all,
this is a project I'm currently looking at to dramtically reduce the cost of a scanning process in the workplace. Currently we have a PC (linked to the As400) for all of our workstations. Connected to this is a wired LAN connection (usual keyboard and mouse) and a scanner (wedge). Basically, it feels a little 'overkill' to be using a full spec Windows PC to user as an intermediate device just for interfacing with a scanner and the As400.
So, I was thinking - using Debian Squeeze - is there a piece of software out there can allow the PI to link wirelessly to As400 (Client Prog) .... I think VMware is out of scope here ....
Not sure if anyone as had experience with this kind of development .....?
I'm looking at this link at the moment -
Who knows? Could be a way of getting the PI into an industrial environment (lol).
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by Tbz » Sat Nov 10, 2012 1:24 pm
Hi Darius007,
I'm also interested in installing an AS400 client on a Raspberry Pi.
I'm still waiting for my Pi, but as far as I know, it exists a Linux version of the IBM Access client. OK, it's a .rpm but it's possible ton convert it to .deb thanks to the "alien" command.
For the moment I'm doing some tests inside a virtual machine running Debian Squeeze. Let's hope it'll work and it also work on Raspbian...
If you find out something, please let me know :)
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by loudifier » Mon Dec 17, 2012 5:49 pm
Yes, the raspberry pi will work for connecting to the iSeries. I haven't used IBM's linux version of Client Access, but I assume the .rpm contains software compiled for x86 systems, and wouldn't work on the pi.

I have a proof-of-concept up on my site,

I used the standard Raspbian wheezy distro, and I am using TN5250 for green screen emulation. The basic setup is:

Raspbian, set up however you want it, running LXDE
Compile and install ncurses v5.9 from source
Compile and install TN5250 v16.5 from source
apt-get install xterm
run xt5250 [iseries IP address]

I am also using a Unitech USB barcode scanner, and it works fine. Since most scanners operate in fairly basic HID mode, pretty much any USB scanner should work fine with the pi.
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by mars67 » Tue Feb 04, 2014 1:12 pm

TN5250 is working fine as long if you are working with a keyboard.
I have the following problem:

I am working with a barcode scanner construction and recieving serial data.
I am using a special cable which is translating the the serial data to HID USB and this is also working fine but my scanner is triggered with a special beam and this beam is the problem.
The beam is causing a data string which is transported to the Raspberry as a key combination which tells the terminal to go to the system request menu of our AS400.
When I press F3 I come back in the program but the barcode data did not enter the program.
When I analise the serial data I see a CTRL-C (^C) in the analiser screen.
Can some one tell me how this can be solved?

Next to the Raspberry I a working with a Neoware CA10 with Teem Talk and terminal emulation 5250.
This is a rather old Linux Thin client and I want to replace it with the Raspberry.
This machine is getting the data the same way as the Raspberry and it is working fine whith out jumping to the system request menu.
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