Setting up SHT11 Humidity and Temperature Sensor

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by mangels09 » Wed Mar 27, 2013 12:51 am

I recently received the sht11 breakout board from Adafruit (this one >> ). I would like to use the rpiSht1x python package (found here >> ) to interface with it.

The issue is that I really don't know how to connect the sensor to my Raspberry Pi. I have seen the datasheet (found here >> ... onDocs.pdf ). Unfortunately, I am still confused as to which pins I should use on the Pi.

I have been successful connecting other better-documented sensors (BMP085, DHT11, DS18B) to the Pi, but honestly that is the only experience with low-level peripherals that I have.

Thank you in advance for any help that you can provide.
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by mangels09 » Wed Mar 27, 2013 3:41 am
So I did some fiddling around with the sensor tonight and it looks like I got it working after all. I should've looked at the example rpiSht1x code more thoroughly first. So, I'm sorry that I made a somewhat useless thread, but I'm glad I learned what I needed.

Overall, I'm pretty impressed with the sensor so far. Much better than the DHT sensors anway...

I'll stay subscribed to this thread so I can offer (limited) help to anyone else that runs into trouble.
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by annirak » Wed Mar 27, 2013 1:00 pm
The SHT1x series is a truly excellent set of sensors. I've used the SHT15 for monitoring air temperature/humidity in an arctic remote sensing application. If you contact Sensirion, they will give you the equations to improve the accuracy beyond what the basic app-note gives you. One problem I did have was that I could never get the CRC to work correctly. Let me know if you figure that out!
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