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by RTL » Thu Jan 24, 2013 1:22 am
I have put together a Web Shell that can be used as a replacement for SSH. The shell is useful when connecting to the Raspberry Pi via a network that blocks SSH or from devices that do not support SSH such as many phones/tablets.

The Web Shell has been tested in Chrome, Firefox, Opera, and Safari.

This is a barebone shell with no VT100 emulation so you should avoid running commands that move the cursor or commands that do not exit unless you press CTRL-C.

I am posting this in the programming section as the Web Shell is also an example and not particularly complex since it is missing VT100 emulation. You could add VT100 emulation and manage all keyboard input in the JavaScript code. The server side is implemented in Lua.

http://i1309.photobucket.com/albums/s64 ... 71c65c.png

The above image shows the Web Shell in action. You can terminate the shell and commands running in the shell by pressing the browser's refresh button.

The Web Shell is designed as a BarracudaDrive application so you must first install BarracudaDrive before you can install the Web Shell.

BarracudaDrive installation instructions:

After installing BarracudaDrive, download and install the Web Shell:

The Web Shell is a standard BarracudaDrive application and you can use the following installation instructions for the Web Shell:


The shell runs as the user 'bd' and you must make a few modifications if you want to use sudo. Add 'bd' to the sudo group as follows:

sudo usermod -a -G sudo bd

The user 'bd' does not have a password. Set a password for the user 'bd' as follows:

sudo passwd bd

Note: you must execute the two above commands as user 'pi', not bd.
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