USB WiFi crash after firmware update

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by argief » Sun Nov 04, 2012 1:30 am
I have updated my firmware to 26 October. Ever since then, the Pi fails completely after I bring my USB WiFi up (ifconfig up). Any advice? This is the first time I have loaded the "new generation" of firmware (1Ghz as needed), on the old firmware I was happily browsing with my WiFi dongle. Is there a change I can(should) perhaps implement in the config.txt? Currently I only have gpu_mem=16 in config.txt.

Also when I now plugin my keyboard and WiFi everything goes haywire. Keyboard gets and drops power (num lock goes on and off). This is fine, I can live without keyboard.

The above in my opinion indicates some changes in the power to USB. Is there a fix? Worst case: how do I get my firmware to stop autoswitching CPU speed? I am thinking this may solve my problem?

PS: Pi crashes so severely it does not even output to dmesg. So I am flying completely blind.
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